Pasta Recipes

Welcome at My Pasta Recipes, where instant microwave meals are a thing of the past(a)! All day, all night: Al dente.

We teach you how to cook your own recipes. Don’t follow a book, just cook!

We have many basic recipes that should give you enough experience to create your own pasta recipes after just cooking a few meals. Whether you are a kitchen hero or an inexperienced chef; you’ll love our recipes.

Our goal is that after cooking just a few of our pasta recipes you don’t need a recipe anymore. So you can start creating your own recipes. You got this, throw away your microwave and start cooking today!

We teach you how to cook easy pasta recipes; to use simple and fair ingredients; ready in about 30min; and as healthy as you like. Of course we have many tasty comfort food recipes for you try as well!

pasta recipes

Moreover these recipes don’t cost a fortune to prepare as we try to keep costs under $10 for 3-4 persons. A penne saved is a penne earned; we aim to show you that delicious cooking can also be very affordable!

Our way of teaching how to cook the best pasta recipes are a great way for all children between 5 and 75 years old to learn the wondrous world of cooking.

Because the best Italian pastas are simple to cook you don’t need to be a chef. Rather you become a chef when you follow our pasta recipes. Just check out all the wonderful recipes we have below!

Likewise it’s very important that children start cooking at a young age to benefit from it for the rest of their lives. Our 3 step pasta program is great way to experience the fun of cooking!

The basics of all great Pasta Recipes

The Pasta

Choosing the right pasta and cooking it to perfection is the most important part of getting your pasta recipe right.

Read and learn all about cooking your pasta to perfection with our 10-step-pasta-program and gain experience on the way!

And aldough ready made pastas are already very good, sometimes you just want to make an effort and cook your own dough!

The Sauce

Your table guests think will its sorcery, but you know its saucery. Although some magic touches here and there: all our sauces are easy to cook, don’t cost a fortune and ready within 15min.

Read all about the perfect sauce for your own perfect pasta recipes here!

The thickness, taste and texture of the sauce you choose are all equally important.

The Ingredients

Choose anything you like. We have a few suggestions of course, but our goal is that you choose your own ingredients ultimately.

Anything goes, just use your imagination and some common sense and you’ll notice how much fun cooking can be.

And we promise, if you follow these three steps you’ll create your own recipes faster than you can say: “Its a me Mario