Lasagna Recipe Bootcamp

At we want you to learn how to create your own lasagna recipe. Once you know how to make lasagna this is a very easy meal to make.

Lasagna consists of layers of pasta and sauce and other ingredients between the sheets.

There are a few basics you should know to create your own lasagna recipe. Of course, we have many great basic lasagna recipes for you as well to start out with!

For example you want to cook any meats first before putting the lasagna in the oven. Also some hard veggies are better to prepare first before you start making lasagna layers. Check out our recipes!

Lasagna cooks for about 40min in an over at 180°C or 356°F. When you put cheese on top, when the cheese is getting crunchy the lasagna is ready.

Lasagna Recipe

The basics for start cooking a Lasagna Recipe

The tools

Because we are cooking you need a few kitchen appliances to cook your lasagna recipe. We have specified the bare minimum to cook a lasagna recipe:

  1. Oven & stove
  2. Casserole
  3. Sauce Pan
  4. Knife & choppingboard
  5. A (wooden) Spoon

The Sauce

Tomato sauce is the sauce you want to use. Because white and cheese sauces may burn while cooking your lasagna in the oven for about 40min at 180°C or 356°F.

How to make a homemade tomato sauce? Read all about it!

Most easy, though, is to take ready-made tomato sauce and upgrade it a bit yourself. For example add some garlic, onion, fresh herbs or some créme fresh to make a ready-made tomato sauce unforgettable.

You want about 1L or 34oz of tomato sauce for a large 4 person casserole.

Lasagna Equipment

The Ingredients

If it comes to veggies, just about anything goes. Pick your favorite vegetables, chop them and add them. Some veggies like carrots you might want to cook first because there are a bit hard. Although the crunchiness of raw carrots are great too!

If it comes to meat and chicken you need to cook or fry these first. It might turn our raw otherwise.

  1. First cook the meat/chicken (don’t forget to season it!)
  2. Second, add the vegetables and stir fry for about 5 min.
  3. Third, add the sauce and wait until the sauce boils.
  4. If it boils, it’s time to start making layers!
  5. For the last layer put grated cheese or béchamel sauce.
  6. 40min at 180°C or 356°F – or when the cheese on top is crunchy

It’s all about the layers

We shouldn’t make this more complicated than it is. Keep it simple right? There not that much to it!

First, the more layers of pasta you use relative to the sauce, the more firm the lasagna will be.

So if you use a thin layer of sauce, you will have more layers of lasagna. Likewise, a thick layer of sauce will result in fewer layers of pasta sheets. Because the pasta sheets give body to the lasagna, the more layers of pasta the more solid you lasagna will be.

You start out with a small layer of sauce. Otherwise the bottom pasta sheet cannot cook and may burn to the casserole. Next, a layer of pasta sheets; and then a layer of about 0.5cm or 0.2inch of sauce. Repeat until you make it to the top and top the last layer of sauce off with some cheese or béchamel sauce.

Lasagna Ingredients
Lasagna Recipe
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