Chicken Lasagna with Tomato-soy sauce

This chicken lasagna is not an Italian recipe, honestly. But it tastes great! Soy sauce infused chicken marinated with spices, beans, everything, imagine!

Just saying..: “What John Lennon really meant with his song Imagine is this chicken lasagna recipe”. To state that this chicken lasagna is the closest we will ever get to world piece might be an overstatement. But what a time to be alive!

Yet at we find it very important to imagine how flavors go with other flavors! Which ingredients go along?

Use your fantasy, cooking is all about imagination… and timing; also important. There is chef in all of us dying to come out! For this reason we have a great chicken lasagna for you that makes you think whether the sky, or your imagination, is the limit.

Chicken Lasagna

Techniques you’ll learn with this recipe

  • How to marinade chicken
  • How different ingredients around the world go well together
  • How to estimate when you lasagna is ready without keeping time
  • That the sky is not the limit in the kitchen

With the recipe you want to invest

  • About 30 minutes of kitchen time
  • About 30 minutes cooking time in oven
  • About $15 for a 4 people
  • Some time to reflect on life

Chicken Lasagna step-by-step

Ingredients for Chicken Lasagna

Ingredient How much Imperial How much Metric
Olive oil 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons
(white) lasagna sheets 10 ounces 300 grams
Chicken breast 16 ounces 500 grams
Chicken broth/stock 2 cubes 2 cubes
Onion 2 onions 2 onions
Tomato sauce 18 ounces 500ml
(Thick) Soy Sauce 9 ounces 300ml
Garlic 6 cloves 6 cloves
Green beans 10 ounces 350 grams
(yellow) Bell Pepper 1 bell pepper 1 bell pepper
Grated old cheese 6 ounces 200 grams
Chili pepper 1 chili pepper 1 chili pepper
Salt & Pepper A few pinches A few pinches

Chicken Lasagna Preparation

  • Chop the garlic as small as possible
  • Chop the onion as small as possible
  • Chop the bell pepper in any shape you like
  • Slice the chilli pepper as thin as possible. Take out the seeds
  • Slice the Chicken in its length. Make cuts in the meat about halfway in to the chicken. This will help soak up more marinade.
  • Clean and take of both end of the beans.
  • Marinade the chicken generously with: 100ml of soy sauce; salt; pepper; chili pepper; ½ of the fine chopped garlic. Set the chicken aside in the fridge for about 1 hour (or more) before you start preparing the rest of the chicken lasagna.

Chicken Lasagna Cooking Instructions

  1. Cook the beans for about 10-15min until ready with the chicken broth to the water to give some more flavor to the beans.
  2. Drain the beans as good as possible when ready!
  3. Sauté the onion and the rest of the garlic on medium heat
  4. Add the marinated chicken and stir-fry on high heat until it’s cooked.
  5. Add the beans, bell pepper, the tomato sauce and the other 200ml of soy sauce.
  6. When the sauce is boiling turn of the heat.
  7. Put a little sauce in the casserole so there is a thin layer that covers the whole bottom
  8. Put a layer of lasagna sheets.
  9. Add a layer of pasta sauce. Just enough so it covers all sheets.
  10. Keep on doing this until all lasagna and sauce is finished.
  11. Add a final layer of sauce and top it with cheese!
  12. Bake in the over at 30min at 356°F or 180°C – or when the cheese on top is crunchy
  13. You don’t need a timer. When the cheese is starting to get a little gold / brown, this means that the lasagna is ready!
  14. Let the lasagna sit outside of the oven for about 15min before serving.