Homemade Lasagna

At my-pasta-recipes.com we are all about making you a chef! Teaching you the fine art of Italian cooking; and it doesn’t get more Italian than with this homemade lasagna sheets!

First, we suggest to buy ready made lasagna sheets. Not that it’s no fun making fresh homemade lasagna sheets, but for the reason that it just tastes better and is easier to cook. If you really like to make your own dough, try  making Penne, Spaghetti or ravioli instead of homemade lasagna.

Having this said, please check out our awesome and easy recipe to make your own fresh, homemade, lasagna sheets!

There is not that much to it actually. Some flour, an egg.. bit of rolling and you’re done! Homemade Lasagna in an arm’s reach!

homemade lasagna

Okay, the rolling part is not  that easy. Best is to use a pasta machine, however this is not needed if you have some persistence. You can even use a bottle of wine  if you don’t have a rolling pin! You’ll manage!

Techniques you’ll learn with this recipe

  • How to make fresh pasta from scratch
  • That you don’t need that much ingredients
  • How making a dough works: Dry & wet = dough

With the recipe you want to invest

  • About 20min kitchen time
  • About 30min to rest the dough
  • About $1 for 16 ounces or 500 grams of fresh dough

Homemade Lasagna step-by-step

Homemade Lasagna Ingredients

Ingredient How much Imperial How much Metric
Olive oil 3 tablespoon 3 tablespoon
Egg 3 eggs 3 eggs
Flour 12-14 ounces 400 grams
Salt 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon

Homemade Lasagna Preparation

  • Wash your hands
  • Clean a surface such as your table kitchen

Homemade Lasagna Instructions

  1. Put the flour and salt in a bowl
  2. Make a little well in the center of the flour
  3. Add the eggs and oil in the center of the bowl
  4. Mix, whisk and knead the dough. Although this may seem simple, you really need to make an effort here:
    1. Start with a fork. Because the mixture might be too wet in the beginning it will really stick to your hands.
    2. When the dough is too thick to whisk with a fork, continue with your hands. You might want to knead this on a larger surface such as your kitchen table.
    3. The dough is ready when you have nice, smooth and even ball of dough
  5. When the dough is not smooth:
    1. Too wet: Add some flour
    2. Too dry: Add some oil or a bit of egg
  6. Take the smooth ball of dough and wrap it loosely in plastic so it can rest. You may also put it back in the bowl and put a cloth over the bowl. Both methods are great!
  7. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes.
  8. Split the dough in even parts. Then it’s easier to work with the dough.
  9. Use the rolling pin or a pasta machine and roll the dough as thin as possible!
  10. Now you should have thin and smooth sheet of fresh pasta dough!
  11. Cut them in sheets so they fit in a casserole.. your homemade lasagna sheets are ready to cook!