Homemade Pasta

To begin with, some ready made pasta is can be just as good as freshly made pasta. Nevertheless it does taste great and with all the effort you put in, a homemade pasta can be the best you’ve ever had!

However for ready made pastas please skip the cheap $1 pastas and treat yourself on a bit more expensive pastas for about $3-$5.

If you’re on a budget dough, you can make your own homemade pasta for under a dollar. Generally speaking all you need is an egg and flour.

Although all dough is basically egg and flour, the distinction is in the form and shape.

Likewise the form of the pasta is dependent on the sauce and other ingredients you’d like cook. According to Italians that is, for the other 99.2% of the world this doesn’t matter that much.

But if you want to do it correctly, think of the kind of homemade pasta you want to cook in accordance with the recipe.

Making homemade pasta can be quite labor intensive so better do it right! When in Rome!

Homemade Pasta

The basics for start making Homemade Pasta

The tools

First macaroni, spaghetti and lasagna are groups/categories of pasta-types. For instance, macaroni can be Penne, Mezzani or Pipes. Whatever you like!

So when you make homemade pasta, the appliances you need to make your pasta may vary accordingly.

Because there is just too much to mention if it comes to all the types of pasta, please find here a perfect summary of all pasta kinds.

The Sauce

According to us you only need some egg, flour and love. That’s it. And a lot of persistence if you don’t have the right tools to make homemade pasta.

A pasta machine is very much welcome so say the least. For the reason that you want to knead and mold the shape in your preferred type of homemade pasta such a machine will save you a lot of time. Such a kitchen appliance will set you back about $30 and doesn’t take much space.

To manually make your pasta by hand you also use a rolling pin. Or if you don’t have one, a bottle of wine will do.

All our pasta dough recipes can be made with or without a pasta machine. Just follow all our pasta dough recipes below and we are sure you’ll enjoy making your homemade pasta dough!