How to Cook Pasta al Dente

How to cook pasta to perfection may be tricky!

  • First we will tell you why you want to to cook pasta al Dente. That is the way you want you pasta to be, with some bite in there. Forget about any other way how to cook pasta…
  • Second to make your live easier we have 10 steps for you how to cook your pasta. With this walk-through there is no way that you will fail. You will gain experience, it’s life changing!

Fail if you want with cooking rice, but not with pasta. Not on our watch! When you’ve followed our 10-step-pasta-program just once you are experienced enough to know how to cook pasta flawlessly.

You want to cook your pasta Al Dente. Al Dente means “to the tooth”… This relates to how the pasta’s texture. There is some firmness, bite, to it. In technical terms: When you cook the pasta too long the starch will separate from the pasta. This makes the pasta feel a bit slimly, like snot. This is not how to cook pasta..

How to cook pasta

How to cook Pasta perfectly in 10 easy steps

Step 1: Time

Take of 1 minute of the package’s cooking time. Does the package say you cook for 12 minutes?

You’ll cook for 11 minutes. The reason is that the pasta will still cook a bit after you drain it.

Step 2: Water

Use enough water. Just use a big pan and fill it up.

About 100 grams or 3.5 ounces is about 1 liter or 34oz of water. However the more water you use the better! Go for it!

Step 3: Oil

While you boil the water, add some olive oil. This will help to make pasta not stick. Otherwise you may have 1 big chunk of pasta.

We don’t want this; we want nice separate pieces of pasta.

Step 4: Salt

Add salt. Never forget to salt you pasta while cooking. Add the salt when the water is boiling. This has to do with the oxygen levels in the water.

We want about 1 teaspoon per 1L / 34oz of water.

Step 5: Pasta

Add the pasta when the water is boiling. Please. This makes it easier to track when the cooking time has finished.

But, it’s a free country though! You may do whatever you like!

Step 6: Taste

While cooking for about 9 minutes, start tasting the pasta. There should be a bit of a bite, but not too much either.

We are looking for a firm but cooked pasta.

Step 7: Texture

If you think the pasta’s texture is good, take it out. Forget what the package says, you are in control.

You say when the pasta is ready! Emancipasta that is.

Step 8: 30sec Rule

If the texture is not okay yet, wait a bit and taste every 30sec to see if the pasta is ready.

Yes, you need to stay in the kitchen to get it right! Have some wine!

Step 9: Drain

When you decide that the pasta is perfect, take it out and drain well. Make sure ALL the water is gone.

Be careful, the water is hot and there may be steam.

Step 10: A Twirl

When the pasta is drained put it back in the pan. No need for seasoning (see step 4). Add just a little bit of olive oil for the taste.

Just a bit, not too much. A twirl of oil should do the trick.