Italian Food

No questions asked; the best thing about Italian food is that it’s simple.

You don’t need many ingredients to make a great meal. Likewise, with smart shopping it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Better spend your money on other stuff you love!

In short, aside from the famous national Italian dish “Pizza Bolognese”, there is not really one single Italian dish. All Italian food is different per region and per season.

Italians like it fresh and local. And so do you, if you didn’t know that already. At we promote to buy ingredients from local sources and seasonally.

Not only your recipe will taste better, it is better for the environment and good for your local community.

Also, when using fresh and ingredients for your recipes, you will notice that with  you will become healthier and fitter.

KIS – Keep It Simple

  1. How to cook pasta to perfection & which pasta to choose? Don’t overthink this!
  2. Choose the sauce for your recipe and cook it yourself. You got this!
  3. Pick your pasta ingredients, choose wisely.

Step 1

Step 2

The basics of Italian Food

Italian Food?

For the reason there is just too much to talk about we will keep it simple here. Just like the Italians.

Italy is made up of about 21 regions. Stretching from the north border with Switzerland to the south Mediterranean regions with its islands. Likewise, the northern regions are famous of their meat dishes. And, for example, the south has more fish and less heavy recipes such as salads and other so called anti-pastas.

Because all Italian food is so locally tailored there is no way of saying how to cook a typical Italian dish.

However for the reason that nobody outside of Italy really cares, we have picked the best recipes for you in a way you can cook them at home. You don’t need a stone oven to cook a pasta bake at home, we promise! And forget about a clay pot to cook a proper lasagna, you’ll be okay!

Italian Food!

If you’d like to get to know more about Italian regional cuisines, you want to read the articles below. Although maybe for the more experienced chef, it doesn’t harm to check them out! At least we really enjoyed reading the interesting articles about local Italian food.

Just for the record: Chicago is not a region in Italy; a pan-pizza is not a pizza; and Mussolini is not a type of granola.

Aside from this, just about anything goes if it comes to Italian food! Just don’t forget to use local, fresh ingredients and to drink a wine while cooking! There is an Italian in every one of us!

Our Italian Food Categories

Because over 99.2% of the world population is not Italian, we should forget the regional difference in Italian food.

Just like Italians and Italian food, we need to KIS – keep it simple. Likewise, we distinguish our pasta recipes in a few categories.

To keep it simple we have 5 categories of pasta recipes for you: