Macaroni Recipe

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Before we start getting cheesy, better to learn some basics about the fascinating world of a good old macaroni recipe.

Macaroni is collection of pastas types. All macaroni types have their own attributes that complement the sauce. If you like to learn more about sauciology please find it here!

For instance macaroni such as Penne go great with thick meat sauces. Rotini goes great with more delicate sauces and minces meats. And Farfalle with for example pesto and or a cheese sauce.

Also, all macaroni are great for casserole and oven type pasta dishes.

macaroni recipe

The basics for start cooking a Macaroni Recipe

macaroni sauce

The Sauce

With macaroni all sauces are an option. Just don’t overdo it, keep it simple. A good macaroni recipe has sauce around the pasta but you are still able to see all the separate macaroni parts.

Macaroni/sauce ratio: The bigger the macaroni, the thicker and chunkier the sauce may be. For smaller macaroni pieces use a more delicate and finer sauce for your macaroni recipe.

Macaroni’s best friend is cheese. Not the American cheddar one, but all other cheeses go! Ah what the heck, macaroni even likes American cheddar.

If you don’t want to fail your macaroni recipe, add cheese. Lots of it! Read here how make a perfect homemade cheese sauce

Tomato sauce is also a great traditional healthy sauce to add to your macaroni recipe. Read here all about tomato sauces. Don’t forget to use oregano, garlic and other herbs!

But also other white sauces and egg based sauces always have good times with macaroni.

Al Dente

The most important part of your macaroni recipe is to cook the macaroni correctly. Follow our 10-step-pasta-program to learn how to cook macaroni to perfection!

The macaroni should not be cooked completely; cook it “Al Dente”. It offers a bite to the macaroni

With instant or ready made macaroni just follow the box instructions and take 1 minute of the instructed cooking time. You do this because the pasta will still cook a bit after you drain the water. 8-12min is a general guideline for cooking pasta al Dente.


For your own macaroni recipe just use anything you like. Meat, fish, cheese, vegetable, whatever you like is great! Just keep it simple. Pick some of your favorite veggies or meat and just go from there!

Some nice touches such as black olives, anchovies and capers really make something special out of your macaroni recipe. And top it off with some Italian cheese such as Pecorino. Add some Italian sausage or ham, rocket lettuce for fresh greens.

Just don’t even think about Nutella, banana and almonds/pistachio topped off with some grated white chocolate for your macaroni recipe. That’s just barbaric…