Macaroni Salad

This macaroni salad recipe is all about being easy, fresh and healthy!

And because we find it important to learn how to cook all ingredients are easy to change to make your own macaroni salad recipe in no time!

When you have made this macaroni salad the next step is to make your own pasta salad! We will teach you the basics to become a chef of your own! Feel free to substitute any of the ingredients with what you like. For inspiration please click here!

This macaroni salad is a vegetarian recipe; however feel free to add bacon or chicken.

But don’t worry, we will add enough cheese and other goodies to make any meat lover fall in love with this macaroni salad!

macaroni salad

Techniques you’ll learn with this recipe

  • How to make an easy, cheap healthy creamy dressing
  • What fresh herbs you can use to make a macaroni salad unforgettable
  • When to add fresh herbs to keep them crunchy!
  • When to add nuts! Keep those nuts crunchy!

With the recipe you want to invest

  • About 25 minutes in the kitchen to prepare
  • About $15 for a 4-6 person salad

Macaroni Salad step-by-step

Ingredients for an Macaroni Salad

Ingredient How much Imperial How much Metric
Olive oil 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon
Water to boil pasta A big pan A big pan
Penne or macaroni 10 ounces 300 grams
Greek Yoghurt 3 ounce 100 ml
Mayonnaise 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons
Canned Baby Carrots 3 ounces 100 grams
Corn 3 ounces 100 grams
(Red) Onion 1x onion 1x onion
Bell pepper 1x bell Pepper 1x bell pepper
Tomatoes 2 tomatoes 2 tomatoes
Rocket 1-2 ounces 50 grams
Basil 1-2 ounces 50 grams
Feta cheese 7 ounces 200 grams
Cashew nuts 4 ounces 100 grams
Olives Green & Black 4 ounces 100 grams
Dried Oregano 2 teaspoons 2 teaspoons
Fresh Parsley 1-2 ounces 50 grams
Salt & Pepper A pinch A pinch

Macaroni Salad Preparation

  • Cut the onion in thin rings! The thinner, the better! Otherwise the taste of the onion is too strong!
  • Cut the bell pepper in long thin slices, or any other shape you like
  • Chop the tomatoes in wedges
  • Take all the leaves from the basis and wash gently
  • Take all the parsley from its stem and wash gently + chop a bit
  • Mix the yoghurt & mayonnaise the mayonnaise will make the dressing less sour (from the yoghurt) and a bit creamier! Also add some salt, pepper and the dried oregano. However if you have other spices, such as thyme, curry or whatever just substitute these! Everything will do!

Macaroni Salad Cooking Instructions

  1. Start cooking the pasta al Dente. Read here how to cook pasta to perfection.
  2. We want the pasta to be cold, so you can just drain when ready
  3. Add all the canned vegetables to the (almost) cold pasta
  4. Add the chopped onion and the bell pepper!
  5. While you’re at it, add the olives as well! Why not huh!
  6. Also add the tomato wedges, please..
  7. Add the dressing! It should gently touch every single ingredient.
  8. Add some salt and ground black pepper to your taste!
  9. Add the fresh herbs and rocket to the salad just before you start eating! This keeps the herbs more fresh and more crunchy
  10. Add the cashew nuts to the macaroni salad just before you start eating! This keeps the nuts crunchy!