Pasta Bake

Cooking a great pasta bake recipe by the book is nice. Yet creating a pasta bake recipe yourself is better. Don’t fake it, just make it and bake it!

Accordingly we have a few pasta bake recipes for you to practice with. So when you make your own recipe, it can’t go wrong! At we’ve got you covered!

With a Pasta Bake you cook the pasta in its sauce. Generally speaking you cook the pasta and next you give the pasta a good old cook in the casserole by braising it in sauce.

It’s a great comfort food, easy to prepare in advance and will turn smiles on anything with a heartbeat.

pasta bake recipe

The basics of a Pasta Bake Recipe

The Pasta

Although in general any pasta will do, such as Lasagna sheets or spaghetti, the tastiest is to use a kind of Macaroni such as Penne, Farfelle or Rotini.

It will create a bite and is easy to eat with a spoon.

Because the sauce and other goodies are around, in and on top of the pasta you can just scoop it out and eat.

The Sauce

The idea of a Pasta Bake recipe is that is tasty. Comfort food. However you can make a very healthy pasta bake too! Just don’t over do it, everybody needs some comfort once in a while!

However for a great taste: It’s more easy when it’s cheesy!

You want cheese in your pasta bake recipe. Or a creamy tomato sauce, made with crème fresh and tomatoes. And cheese on top!

Egg based sauces don’t really work with a pasta bake, they might burn. Focus on cheese, cream, tomatoes and perhaps mushrooms for a sauce basis in your own pasta bake recipe.

The Ingredients

For the ingredients go with pronounces flavors that go good with creamy, cheesy and tomato sauces. Olives, Italian sausage, Salami and anchovies are great.

In general any vegetable is okay to work with, as always.

Just be careful with moist veggies such as zucchinis and fresh tomatoes. This is for the reason that your pasta bake recipe will be too wet when ready.

To avoid a wet Pasta bake first stir-fry the vegetables of choices and drain them good. This is a good time to season the veggies and make their flavors stand out more.

pasta bake ingredients

And don’t forget to use enough garlic, herbs and other goodies with any pasta bake recipe you create! Ah, don’t put in any lettuces while cooking, you want these fresh when you serve the pasta bake! Yessss sir!