Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad, not really an Italian dish but who cares…? We don’t! It’s tasty, healthy and a great summer dish!

It’s a great summer dish, easy to prepare in advance for picnics or to go with barbeques. It’s an easy dish to for you to create your own recipe. All you need are some guidelines, some creativity and a positive attitude!

The first step is all about choosing the right pasta. Although there are some guidelines here, you can choose anything you like! Just go for it and try.

Next you want some flavor, something hearty. Choose from tuna, pastrami, cheese, egg or anything else that you like. This is the unhealthier and most tasty part of the pasta salad.

Also you want some veggies. Again, whatever veggies that float your boat are great. Just pick some seasonal ones if possible.

To tie all the ingredients together, pick a dressing. Although not necessary, it makes the whole salad tastier!


The basics for start cooking a Pasta Salad

The Pasta

Although choosing lasagna may be a bit odd, for the rest any pasta type goes.

Most pasta salad recipes are made with some kind of macaroni such as Fusilli, Penne, Conchiglie, Farfalle or Rigatoni.

The reason is that these are easy to mix with the other salad goodies you will put in. But if you think a spaghetti type is the right choice then go for it!

And don’t worry about the sauce, there is none. We will use a dressing!

The Flavors

So here is where it all goes down. This is what gives the pasta salad its taste. For inspiration check out our pasta ingredient list.

If you eat meat or fish: choose one! Or two! Chicken goes perfectly with bacon or anchovies for example. Tuna, smoked salmon or even shrimp! Just go for it!

If you don’t eat meat or fish or just don’t feel like it today, put some more of the following ingredients in there! Cheese, olives, sundries tomatoes, roasted pine nuts or capers! Anything you like!

Avocado is an excellent ingredient for pasta salads and goof friends with Egg. Boiled is fine, but to make it special try a poached!

And don’t forget about the cheese! Feta is a great summer cheese that is not filling and has a great taste to go with pasta. Mozzarella and goat cheese are also great for a great summer pasta salad. Ah, any cheese is great! Yay!

spinach pasta salad

The Dressing

The number one rule here is, don’t overdo it. Don’t dress to impress, you will impress with the flavors and veggies you chose with the previous steps.

It should slightly complement all the other ingredients. A good dressing ties the whole pasta salad together into 1 great recipe.

Although the more traditional dressings such as mayonnaise/yogurt or vinegar & olive oil are great there is a vast array of creative choice you can make.

For example try savory mango chutney, cream fresh or even fresh orange juice as a dressing! Or mash an avocado with some lemon and pepper to make a delicate guacamole dressing.

The Veggies

Choose the first 3 veggies that come to your mind. Most likely it’s a good choice.

Go seasonal, go fresh! And don’t forget some herbs! Fresh herbs really make a good pasta salad.

In addition choose 1 type of lettuce. Iceberg is nice, but rocket rocks! Spinach! Cabbage (of any kind) is also a great way to make your pasta salad a success.

You don’t necessarily need a lettuce type; however it really gives a great freshness to the salad.

salad caprese