Spaghetti Recipe

At we are all about learning you how make your own spaghetti recipe. Yet we have many spaghetti recipes for you to start cooking with.

But as you go along the adventures roads of Italian cooking, best is to learn the basics about making a spaghetti recipe of your own.

Spaghetti is group of pastas. Long, thin, you know… However there are many types with all different attributes. Picking the right spaghetti for your recipe is important for how it reacts with the sauce.

Accordingly, tasty spaghetti is what we are looking for. There are a few do’s and a few don’ts to consider while creating a spaghetti recipe. Most important is to cook your spaghetti Al Dente.

The basics for start cooking a Spaghetti Recipe

The tools

The most important part of your spaghetti recipe is to cook the pasta the right way. The spaghetti should not be cooked entirely; this is called “Al Dente”. It give a bite to the spaghetti.

We have dedicated a whole article to cook pasta to perfection. Follow out 10-step-pasta-program and you are skilled for life!

In the case that you have made your own homemade pasta dough, al Dente is not possible. This is because the pasta you made hasn’t been dried to harden. However, don’t overcook it. About 5min will do.

The Sauce

With spaghetti anything goes. Just don’t overdo I; don’t forget to KIS – Keep It Simple.

A good spaghetti recipe has sauce around the spaghetti but you are still able to see all the individual spaghetti strings.

Tomato sauce is an all-time favorite for a great spaghetti recipe; however egg (carbonara), pesto, cheese or white sauces (mushroom) are great too. Read all about our pasta sauces and how it works.

Spaghetti Recipe Ingredients

The Ingredients

Spaghetti is one of the good fellas. Just like with the sauce, spaghetti is a friend of any ingredient.

All veggies chopped in any shape, meats and/or fish. There is really nothing that cannot be in your spaghetti recipe.

Cheese, put in while cooking or when served? Chicken, baked or grilled? Salmon with a white sauce, spaghetti doesn’t care. Spaghetti is one of the good fellas!

Chop your ingredients in different shapes and sized! This will bring more dimension and texture to your spaghetti recipe!

To give some color and bite to you spaghetti dish, serve is on some rocket lettuce. Not only makes rocket your recipe more healthy, it really bring your it to a higher level. Or add some fresh cherry tomatoes! Always a good choice!

Most importantly: Add ingredients you love by making it your own spaghetti recipe!