Vegetarian Lasagna

vegetarian lasagna

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Don’t need to look deep, just skip the meat.

At we are all about making you a chef. Teaching you the basics to cook a healthy and fresh dinner. And when done right, nothing beats a delicious vegetarian pasta!

Don’t eat vegetarian because you hate plants, but for the reason you love animals.

At we are all about being positive and for this reason we have written a whole article about how to make great vegetarian pasta recipes of your own. There is a herbivore in all of us!

First we will discuss the most basic part of your vegetarian pasta recipe: The Pasta and how to cook this to perfection. Second, the sauce in your recipe.Read all about which sauces do great for which kind of pasta. Third, and lastly, the ingredients. How do you actually create my own authentic and vegetarian pasta recipes?

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

The basics for great Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Al Dente

First, we cannot stress this enough, cook your pasta the right way. The pasta should not be cooked completely; this is called “Al Dente”. It give a bite to all vegetarian pasta recipes.

Follow out 10-step-pasta-program how to cook pasta to perfection.

In the case you use fresh Pasta, al Dente is not possible. This is because the pasta you made hasn’t been dried to harden.


The Sauce

With vegetarian pasta recipes just about any sauce goes. Just don’t use any type of meat or fish.

Ah, and don’t forget to KIS! Keep It Simple is of utmost importance.

Good vegetarian pasta recipes have sauce around the pasta but you are still able to see all the individual pastas. Just like with any other pasta dish that is. Read all about our pasta sauces and how it works.

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Vegetarian Pasta Recipes’ Ingredients

According to 10/10 vegetarians you don’t need meat or fish in your pasta to make it taste nice.

Pick any vegetable you like. Chop them, fry them, do whatever makes you feel good to make your own vegetarian pasta recipes work. Please use seasonal vegetables for all your vegetarian pasta recipes if possible.

To give it some spark, to your recipe use herbs, garlic or any other flavor enhancer to give some edge to your pasta. To be clear you to all carnivores, bacon is not an herb…

Olives really make vegetarian pasta recipes stand out. Capers, if you like them, also enhance the flavor. But again, any ingredient goes as long as you think it should be in your recipe.

For some bite you may use some raw carrots. But also nuts such as cashew, pistachios, or almonds and peanuts go great with pasta! Grill some pine-nuts and serve them on top of your pasta!

Last but not least is the cheese. Cook the cheese in your sauce, let it melt over your pasta or just serve it on the side! If you like strong tasting cheeses, try some matured Italian cheeses such as Pecorino, Parmasan or blue cheese! Ricotta and Caprino cheese are great to mix with stir-fried vegetables.

Vegetarian Pasta Ingredients