Zucchini Pasta Recipe

It’s not going to get more authentic than this zucchini pasta recipe. Simple; pure; delicious!

A true Italian Zucchini pasta recipe for all! For this reason we’ll not tell you to be creative with the ingredients but to stick to the recipe as it is. Yeahh…

Naah, you are free to do whatever you like with this zucchini pasta recipe and we encourage you to do so!

Because zucchini can be a bit dull by its own we definitely promote to use some crunchiness (carrot) to it and some strong flavors (Parmesan, bacon, black olives). For the reasons of these mild and strong tasting flavors in this zucchini pasta recipe we don’t use a sauce for this recipe.

Zucchini Pasta Recipe

Techniques you’ll learn with this recipe

  • How to vegetables can give a crunch to a recipe
  • To use strong flavored ingredients instead of a sauce
  • To use bacon as a substitute for salt
  • How to cut vegetables in Julienne

With the recipe you want to invest

  • About 15 minutes in total
  • $10 for a 4 person meal

Zucchini Pasta Recipe step-by-step

Zucchini Pasta Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient How much Imperial How much Metric
Water A big pan A big pan
Penne 10 ounces 300 grams
Garlic 3 clove 3 clove
Zucchini 1 large zucchini 1 large zucchini
Carrot 1 large carrot 1 large carrot
Bacon 5 ounces 150 grams
Black olives 3 ounces 100 grams
Parmesan 3 ounces 100 grams

Zucchini Pasta Recipe Preparation

  • Chop the garlic as fine as possible
  • Chop the carrot au-julienne (long thin pieces)
  • Chop or slice the zucchini in any shape you like. Not too thick and not too thin.

Zucchini Pasta Recipe Cooking Instructions

  1. Cook the pasta al Dente. Read here how to cook pasta to perfection.
  2. Take the bacon and slowly cook on medium heat until it gets crunchy for about 15 min. After about 7 min add the garlic, so it doesn’t burn.
  3. Add the Zucchini and cook for about 5 min more until ready
  4. Add the olives, carrot slices and ¾ Parmesan and give it a good stir for about 2 min so all ingredients become one whole.
  5. Serve the pasta on a place and add the zucchini and other ingredients on top!
  6. Sprinkle the rest of the Parmesan on top!